The Pichler Family and Hotel Staff

Hospitality and a family atmosphere at the Apple Hotel Torgglerhof

To members of our staff, this isn’t just an ordinary job but more of a vocation. The Pichler Family welcomes its guests with the warmth and friendliness typical of the Passeier Valley. Sepp Pichler, owner and chief host at the Torgglerhof, is at the centre of it all and performs a variety of roles. Always game for a chat and a joke, he can be seen in the guise of porter, gardener or waiter. His wife Mali accompanies guests on tours of the Passeier Valley while their son, Martin, is in charge of the dining room and is busy in the development of a new recipe for a sparkling apple wine. His sister, Maria, runs the entrance hall and is in charge of welcoming guests at the reception. Christian, Maria’s partner, is the undisputed head of the kitchen, his platters winning over even the most demanding palates. Johannes, the youngest in the family, is still at school although we couldn’t do without his help in the dining room during the summer high season.

The experience gained by our staff members over the years, means that each is well versed in their individual roles and manages his/her work responsibly, providing an impeccable service to our guests. In the morning, Cornelia receives you with a smile. Backed by his capable kitchen staff Christian, our chef, is sure to amaze with his sumptuous lunches and evening dinner platters. Our sommeliers, Andrea and Lukas, together with the hosts’ son, Martin are your guides in assisting you with the dinner menu. Franz and Toni run the bar, while Walli, Sneki and Renate make sure you always find your rooms spotlessly clean and imaginatively decorating the beds.


Owner and the cornerstone of the Torgglerhof


Sepp’s wife: hostess and enthusiastic hiking guide


Sepp and Mali’s son, assures impeccable service and has developed his own sparkling apple wine