2016 Upgrades

The new look of the Apple Hotel

By spring 2016, numerous innovations at the Apple Hotel will have been completed. As from 23rd March, guests will be able to discover the latest innovations that will make our little corner of paradise even more popular.

There’s a new and luminous outdoor panoramic sauna set in the garden, including a comfortable rest area where guests can relax with a cup of tea in peace and quiet. Patrons will be delighted at our new luminous restaurant with its enlarged buffet area as well as a renovated bar with a fireplace. The new front hall increases the size of the entrance, bringing more light into the area.

Our architects’ design aims to extend the relaxed atmosphere that we have in our garden into the hotel itself. And so while designing the rooms and suites, particular attention was paid to the aesthetics and colours. The design of the nine renovated rooms in the former barn actually emulates nature: the windows are flush with the floor; the brown and green colour scheme as well as wooden furnishings.

Yet despite the latest innovations, the Apple Hotel retains all its traditional features that have earned it the enduring trust and appreciation of its clients over the years. The friendly atmosphere and personal service with which we, the Pichler family, together with our staff welcome our guests remains unchanged.