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Workouts, Yoga & Meditation

Unser Wochenprogramm ist vielfältig. Täglich finden verschiedene Einheiten statt, an denen Sie kostenlos teilnehmen können. Daniela, Melanie & Tobi kümmern sich individuell um jeden Einzelnen. Das Aufstehen lohnt sich!

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A place, to be all to yourself

Relaxation & Movement Room

This power place, nestled in the apple orchards, is available to everyone outside of the reserved times and can be used for your very own relaxation or movement session. A "space for me".

Sports love

Our gym

A small, fine place to work out. Equipped with new Technogym equipment, our new fitness room daily from 7.00 m. to 7.30 p.m. gives our sports enthusiasts the opportunity to fulfill all their sports desires even on vacation. Indoors for cardio training or outdoors in nature. You decide what is right for you.

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New - Adults Only

The new relaxing place

A massage?

Absolutely deserved!