You simply have to get to know them

A family-run hotel?
Yes, it works!


The All-Rounder

He’s a good listener, carries plates, jokes, and stays young. You meet him in the yard and in the garden, but preferably under his weeping willow. Unless it's after half past nine, then he's already asleep.


The Indefatigable

If you see a pink watering can, you’ll know that Mali is nearby. She’s everywhere and nowhere. In between, she might be scaling the heights in the Passeiertal Valley. Showing her guests her personal favourite spots.

Mali`s outdoor tips


The multi-talent

Yes, our Maria is probably the best example that multitasking works. Between good mood, diaper changing, entertaining the family, the organization in the hotel and her beloved conversation with the guests, nothing brings her so easily out of calm. Totally energetic, outgoing and always natural, she carries on the family tradition and sets the tone.


The Resourceful

He's the one with the ideas. Mainly when it comes to his apples. To him, they aren’t just apples but raw materials from which to create flavoursome, thirst-quenching drinks. His signature Anderdog Apple cider and "Mali" sparkling apple wine have received international awards.

To the Farm Manufactury


Wizard of the Pots and Pans

Guilty when it comes to Maria's stolen heart. Sepp's hardworking son-in-law is super popular in the family and also with the guests. He is creative and the quickest of all when it comes to implementing his ideas. But he can't completely live without his kitchen as a once stove conqueror. That's why he still likes to help our head chef Markus brainstorming for the next delicious dishes.


The changeable man

He’s the real boss at the Torgglerhof. Though he’s the youngest sibling, he’s also the loudest. He’s pretty good at what he does best: enchanting everyone within range.

At home with Julian



That's him, the real boss at the Torgglerhof. Although he is the (almost) youngest, he can set the loudest tone. But mostly he is well-behaved and does what he does best: charmingly wrapping everyone around his finger.

At home by Julian


Everybodies Darling

Yes, our little one is the youngest family member on the farm, but already in the middle of the farm life. Sweet as sugar is our Lea and just like her big brother already has the trick to enchant us all :-)

All for our youngest guests

Hier sind sie

Die lachenden Gesichter

Ohne Sie wären wir nicht wir. Viele sind schon ganz lange bei uns, manche sind auf Durchreise und andere wiederum kommen nach Jahren wieder. Eines ist sicher, jeder einzelne macht den Torgglerhof zu etwas Besonderen.