A family-run hotel?
Yes, it works!


The All-Rounder

He'll do anything. He’s a good listener, carries plates around, makes jokes and stays young. You could meet him down on the farm or in the garden, most likely under the weeping willow. But after half past ten, he’s already turned in for the night!


The Indefatigable

If you see a pink watering can, you’ll know that Mali is nearby. She’s everywhere and nowhere. In between, she might be scaling the heights in the Passeiertal Valley. Showing her guests her personal favourite spots.

Mali`s outdoor tips


Newly a Mum

Yes, since June 2019 the Torgglerhof Apple Hotel has had its own little miracle. Thanks to Maria, of course. But she doesn’t let that cramp her style. Energetic, open-minded and always herself, she continues the family tradition and sets the pace. Diaper changes notwithstanding!


The Resourceful

He's the one with the ideas. Mainly when it comes to his apples. To him, they aren’t just apples but raw materials from which to create flavoursome, thirst-quenching drinks. His signature Anderdog Apple cider and "Mali" sparkling apple wine have received international awards.

To the Farm Manufactury


Wizard of the Pots and Pans

Christian pleads guilty, as the other half responsible for that minor miracle. He’s also our favourite chef. But if you think he’s always in the kitchen, you're mistaken! Christian isn’t shy and enjoys the company of the guests.


The Charmer

He’s the real boss at the Torgglerhof. Though he’s the youngest sibling, he’s also the loudest. He’s pretty good at what he does best: enchanting everyone within range.

At home with Julian


The Chameleon

Johannes is the computer guy – the one who devises new digital concepts. He’s also his own boss. Sometimes, he dons his superhero cape and is always there when help is needed. Even if his cape is just an apron, he’s still our superhero.

On duty from morning to evening


Everybodies Darling

Ja unsere Kleine ist zwar das jüngste Familienmitglied am Hof, aber schon Mitten im Hofleben dabei. Zuckersüß ist unsere Lea und hat genau wie ihr großer Bruder schon den Dreh raus, uns einfach alle zu verzaubern :-)

Alles für unsere Kleinsten