Some good news

The journey continues

We have more good news and are delighted to share it with you. Same team, new ideas and lots to discover. Intrigued? Good! Because this is where we will be revealing our secrets. 

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More space for relaxation and movement,
but don’t worry; it will stay natural and green.

New "Silence" Pool  

Swimming through green landscape

Goodbye to our old outdoor pool – for a long time, you were a hit and soon you will be again. Just a bit nicer. Heated Outdoor swimming surrounded by nature in the new  "adults only" pool.

Tranquillity & a view

Stay cool

It seems that the issue with the loungers is a common topic – it has not spared us either, which is why we have a new place of tranquillity with plenty of space to relax, an open fireplace and a view of the apple orchards. Some good reads are also indispensable for that living-room vibe.

Space for you

Keep moving

There is more space here, too – our yoga and exercise room really needed it. With direct access to the apple orchards and away from the hustle and bustle of the farm, this 75m2 space is the perfect place to enjoy some time for yourself.

Strength & energy for you

Exercise in the apple orchards

Many of our Technogym pieces of equipment can also be brought outside, wherever you feel most comfortable. If it’s raining, stormy or snowing, cardio and fitness training await inside.

Farm garden

It will be colourful

Surrounded by greenery, fruit trees, flowers, wild grasses and trees, it will be a place for those in search of tranquillity. Escape the heat under shady branches, pick fresh fruit and enjoy it right away and collect flowers for our decorations – that’s what we want our new garden to be... We’re looking forward to it! How about you?

Room refresh in the main building

A new look at last

Fresh colours, new furniture and soft lighting elements made of natural materials give our rooms a lot of space and a renewed sense of lightness. The soft pastel shades are reminiscent of a balmy summer’s day. Even the names have changed. Choose between the Garden Rooms and the Mountain Rooms.

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