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Our apple hotel Torgglerhof is refreshingly unique. Especially because we are not only a hotel, but also a farm. With us there is namely a "living on the farm" - at the apple harvest, the grape harvest or at a tasting. No matter what you do, it remains exciting. And on vacation, fortunately, you have enough time to experience a lot.

Harvest Hand for one Day

The most beautiful thing for a farmer is when the work bears fruit. In late summer, in South Tyrol it is time for the the apple harvest. From the beginning of August to the middle of October the Apple Hotel is really busy. Would you like to experience that? We'll leave the tractor on for you.

Grape Harvest

What a day! While the apple harvest lasts several months, at the Torgglerhof Apple Hotel the harvest lasts only for one day. When this day falls, only the meteorologist knows. But when the time comes, it means a lot of hard work. Have you always wanted to take part in a real harvest? Then you are welcome with us. Harvesting together is a real treat!

Looking at the Bottom of the Glass

This can happen during a wine tasting. But don't worry, they know what they're doing in our vineyard. Our sommelier Lukas is a true professional – he doesn't just explain the wines from our cellar expertly, but on a walk through the vineyard, he shows just how much work is behind each bottle.

Flower wreath making

Those who know us, know how we love to be creative. Tying wreaths for the home. Martina shows as a trained florist how it's done, brings the utensils, collects flowers & material directly at the farm for you. And so that every guest is happy with his result, Martina helps each individual personally.

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Farm Tour

Where to start? There is so much to share about the Torgglerhof Apple Hotel that we prefer to do it in person. With the founders Sepp and his daughter Maria, discover the history of the building and its location. They explain the beginnings, the generational change, and the plans for the future.

Apple cider, juice & co. - Guided tours of the manufactory

Maybe you've already had a glass of South Tyrolean apple sparkling wine with us. If you want to know where it comes from... we'll show you! Because the Torgglerhof has its own factory. Here we experiment and perfect our products.

Our Farmer's Shop

Winemaker talk

Not a classic wine tasting, but rather a meet & greet with winemakers from the region. Every week we give a small winery a stage with us. Cosy after dinner, around the campfire. Is there a better setting?

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