From mother earth and in the rhythm of nature

For a really good feeling

Food means so much more to us. Because we harvest it ourselves, because we grow it ourselves, in the cycle of nature. This is exactly what gives our kitchen a very special value. The ingredients are simple, but processed with special care. And taste is the most important for us.

a tastefully day


The table brings joy

The wishing-table!

Inspired by nature and tradition. Chef Markus Prenn is young, creative and seeks his challenge in the simplicity and honesty of the products; his preparation is precise and clean. Markus cooks and accompanies you throughout the evening. A very private journey through forest, meadow and garden. As a couple or with friends.

The wishing table

Do you know already?

Our garden concerts

We love music. It doesn't matter whether it's for dancing and being exuberant, or just for listening. And to make it a little cooler, there are cocktails at our “outdoor cocktail bar” and small treats to enjoy.

And you will join?

Picknick & Brunch

Private stay in the vineyard

Have our vineyard all to yourself. You can do that with us. You take a short hike and we prepare everything in the meantime. Or you can be taken directly to the vineyard by Pinzgauer. Also cool.

To do`s at the vineyard!

Everyone is welcome!

Torgglerhof Restaurant

Here for you every day! In the middle of greenery, a place for everyone who loves good food and drink. Enjoy creative South Tyrolean cuisine with lots of homemade products from our own farm in a relaxed atmosphere.