Availability for the fall

To be honest, there are not many of them anymore. But there are always changes coming in. For this reason we have created a new menu item "Last available rooms" on our homepage. Here you will find the latest availability for the next 4 weeks. So stay tuned - we are looking forward to welcome you!

We will be happy to advise you personally for your booking and answer all your questions. Please call us at +39 0473 645433 or write to us at

Your family Pichler with many more smiling faces

A feast for the palate

Morning, noon, evening

Three is the perfect number, but even four is not bad... since there is room for an afternoon snack as well. In our hotel, from morning to night, we pour love into your stomach.

Enjoy every day to the fullest

At the table, enjoy the tast of friendship

The wishing-table! A Torgglerhof fairytale

Call your friends - we have something for you! Something new, something unusual, perhaps the most informal evening for a long time. A table to share and have fun. Are you already calling?


Every day a new event

We never get bored

There is always so much to do! Since we always invent something new, you should book at least a couple of nights. We have some really interesting tips for you.


Everyone is welcome

Torgglerhof Restaurant

At lunchtime, our Torgglerhof becomes a popular meeting place for active holidaymakers. Modern South Tyrolean dishes, freshly baked cakes, and delicious ice cream sundaes. Served where? Perhaps in the garden, where there is always plenty of space.