Apple Sparkling Wine

The newly invented sparkling apple wine at the Apple Hotel Torgglerhof

Fruity and fresh: that’s how best to describe the Hotel Torgglerhof’s homemade sparkling wine made with apples from the Passeier Valley. Its genuine, wholesome taste is derived from the two apple varieties, each with its own characteristic flavour. The sweet and sour Braeburn Apple is blended with the green, crisp and juicy Granny Smith. The complex "classic method" is followed in the production of this very drinkable low-alcohol sparkling wine, rigorously implemented by Sepp Pichler’s son, Martin.

After being picked by hand, the apples are pressed and fermented. After the second round of bottle fermentation, the bottles containing the apple champagne are placed onto special supports and rotated on a daily basis so that the exhausted yeast lees become concentrated in the neck of the bottle. After dégorgement with the bottle upside down, the stopper is removed and the deposits are released under great pressure. Martin’s secret ingredient is added at the end of the process.

With its 6.5% (by volume) alcohol content, a glass of sparkling apple wine makes the perfect aperitif on warm summer evenings. For those interested, Martin allows guests to observe during the production process and arranges walks among the apple trees, where it all begins.

Guests can purchase a bottle of Martin’s sparkling apple wine at our shop as a souvenir, as well as other homemade specialities that are for sale such as apple sauces, elderberry syrup and apple chutney.